API Plans and Pricing

  Basic Enterprise
Description Intro Package        

Data Intensive Apps          

Rate Limit 5,000/day
Support Forums   Email, Phone     
Content URL FanFeedr URL Direct URL
Price Free Contact us.


Q: Where can I register for the basic tier of service?

A: Please follow this link to register for the FanFeedr API basic tier of service.

Q: What does "FanFeedr URL" mean?
A: The URL's returned by requests to the basic and daily tiers return the same URL for content items as FanFeedr.com displays them, for example this story. FanFeedr URL's wrap the original content in an iFrame to provide super-simple access to share or comment on the item as well as provide information back to FanFeedr on what stories are getting the most traffic. Calls from the Gold and Platinum tiers return the original item URL. So instead of the above, this URL would be returned.