Applications Built using the FanFeedr API


The FanFeedr website is built using the FanFeedr API. 






FanFeedr's official iPhone/iPad and Android apps allow you to keep track of your favorite teams no matter where you are. Read the latest news and blog posts, see player tweets, and talk smack. The apps also feature push notifications for scores, letting you get the action for your favorite teams in real-time.




The official FanFeedr Chrome app allows users to access all FanFeedr features in a dynamic HTML5 environment. Create personalized news feeds for your favorite teams and athletes. Track the hottest news for sports leagues or the latest games in real-time. 




FanFeedr uses a 'hotness' algorithm to push the freshest stories, photos, and videos to team Facebook pages and Twitter accounts.






FanFeedr's Pick'Em game allow users to show how much they know by picking the winners for games from all the major sporting leagues.





The FanFeedr Javascript Widget is the easiest way to add the freshest sports news from around the web to your blog. Completely customize the style to fit your template and choose from numerous display options. To get the widget for your favorite squad, just click on the widget link in the top right of any page on, such as the Pittsburgh Steelers.



Media Partners

The Washington Redskins developed a branded iPad app using FanFeedr's API. Redskins Feedr allows users to get the latest news, scores, analysis, photos, videos, Tweets, and more about the Redskins team, players and coaches.





SB Nation utilizes the FanFeedr API to power newsletters for fans of NFL teams. Using the FanFeedr Publisher Dashboard, SB Nation editors curate the top weekly stories, and then create newsletters to send to subscribers.





Dex CityCentral is a hyper-local discovery iPad app that provides comprehensive city information. The app utilizes FanFeedr's API to provide sports news, photos, and information about local teams.





Daily Tailgate is a free, daily email that feeds you scores and news of your favorite teams with a personalized tracker (all with just one click), and hits you with a quick overview of the sports world, including analysis, insights, humor and previews.





National Football Post is founded on the vision of creating the definitive forum where news, information andinsight come together through voices of experienced NFL executives, agents, and current and former NFL players. The National Football Post uses FanFeedr to supplement their smart NFL coverage with the hottest stories for teams and players.




Developer Partners

I Am A Footy Fan uses the FanFeedr API to provide news on teams and competitions on its website and managed Facebook pages. By using our API to select the most relevant content sources, I Am A Footy Fan provides a breadth of coverage that keeps users engaged.





Is This Game Worth Watching? is a spoiler site for global soccer matches. Using data from FanFeedr, this service uses a formula to let fans know whether they should watch the latest contest while withholding the final score.





Phanoto is an event-based social network for sporting events. Phanoto utilizes the FanFeedr API to display sports news and scores for members.





Boxing360 is dedicated to the development of prizefighters. FanFeedr's API powers Boxing360's feed of the latest news from the boxing world.





DimePickers is a social sports picks competition that allows visitors to select game winners using current spreads. The FanFeedr API provides score outcomes to determine contest winners.  





Pro Football Trash Talk is dedicated to providing fans with a forum to talk trash about their favorite teams. The FanFeedr API powers the news feed for this web application.  





The Yankees Army is interactive sports game hosted on Facebook where users win points for correctly predicting game events. The FanFeedr API provides the correct answers to game questions. 





My Dime Sports is a Pick'em game for major professional sports leagues and college football. This web app utilizes the FanFeedr API for game matchups and scores. 





Fantasy Sports for Palm webOS - allows users to manage Yahoo! fantasy football teams and track player, team, and league details. Owners can stay updated with matchups on game day with real-time scores and events. 





Matching Tweets is a Dutch-based web app that displays tweets discussing current soccer games. This app utilizes the FanFeedr API for schedules and score updates. 





Smarter Alarm is a personalized alarm that reads information such as sports scores, weather, stock prices, and news headlines. This Android app utilizes the FanFeedr API to power sports scores. 


Featured Application







Snoball facilitates charitable giving through rules based on social media, sports, and other preferences. This web app utilizes FanFeedr's API to track events and results to allocate donations according to user created giving rules.